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Surgical oncology is a medical surgery branch, which is applied to oncology. This surgical management is taking care of disease tumors, which are of two types: normal tumors and cancer tumors. This focus on the surgical management of the disease of surgical oncology has evolved and is similar to medical oncology which grew out of radiology. Surgical oncology was started by specialist surgeons who were interested in and promoting the field of oncology. 


At Prasidh hospital, Surgical oncology is a medical specialty and a topic of heated debate. The total number of surgical oncologists is 19 and in the fellowship training programs also many general surgeons are active and involved in treating patients with malignant and neoplasms. 



The designation of a surgical oncologist at Prasidh hospital is generally reserved for those surgeons who already have completed the fellowship programs and training in surgical oncology. However, there is a matter of semantics. The Surgeons many of who are thoroughly involved in the treatment of cancer and other diseases patients may have considered themselves surgical oncologists. 


There is some importance in the training of surgical oncologists which are the sub-specialize in the disease of cancer and surgery lies in evidence and the supported number of clinical trials the outcomes associated by the surgical volume and the surgical cancer cases treated by the cancer surgeon.


There is also another controversial point that is generally accepted and that a surgeon who will perform the results in a given operation that is more often will achieve superior results. The fellowship of trained and experienced surgical oncologists is the longest training period of any physician or surgeon. The oncologist surgeon training period is a minimum of 6 to 8 years and it's typical and not uncommon.


There are many types of surgical oncology, which are very common in our society like diagnosing cancer, stage cancer, palliative surgery, prevent surgery, etc. 


The new method of surgical oncology is less invasive and it uses different types of surgical instruments which leads to less pain and less time of recovery. There are some techniques of surgical oncology which are very effective like cryosurgery, electro-surgery, laser surgery, robotic surgery, and radiofrequency ablation.


The oncologist doctors do their work with your primary care and come up with a treatment plan for the patients. the oncologist's main job is to remove the disease and nearby tissue of the disease in human cells. Surgical oncology also can help patients during the early stages of cancer and disease. 

Why Chose Us

Prasidh hospital provides expert knowledge and surgical skills in treatment plans and prevention of their patients who live with the disease and examine with cancer.

There is a large number of patients and physicians who are not fully aware of the surgical subspecialty of the surgical oncologist and what is the role of the surgical oncologist. In the treatment of surgical oncology, the doctors of surgical oncologists provide complete surgical care to their patients who are diagnosed with cancer and also as well a high risk of developing cancer.

Surgical oncology doctors are associated with very expert and experienced and highly recommended surgeons and a team of cancer care for their patients. The combination of the expertise is the best possible outcome for the patients. The entire team of surgical oncology doctors and staff will assist the patients in making decisions and processing their individualized treatment.

The oncologist surgeons provide expertise and the necessary performance to intricate the cancer surgical procedure.

Prasidh hospital is the expert care which is very close to your home and the patients feel very comfortable with the treatment of surgical oncology and the team of surgical oncologists and other staff members. The complete team will take care of every patient individually and make some specific plan for the diagnosis and the family history, lifestyle, and general health.



The field of surgical oncology is the medicine that we use in surgery to treat cancer patients. The main purpose of this treatment is to find harmful tumors in the human body and remove them by a surgical oncologist.

There is a completely experienced and expert team of oncologist surgeons who take time to discuss with each of their patients who are diagnosed with cancer and the treatment with surgical oncology. The surgical oncologist’s multidisciplinary team of physicians and oncologists to give the treatment their patients care also uses palliative surgeries to control pain and increase the comfort level patients and the quality level to improve the lives of their patients.

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