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There is a management system, who is dealing with the disease of Medical Gastroenterology which is related to the human organs to develop the tract of gastroenterology and the organs involved in this disease esophagus, stomach, and liver. Gall, bladder, and some amount of small and large intestines are also dealt with them only. Medical gastroenterology is especially well recognized today in our society. This GI system disease is one of the most common disorders in India. The NBE (National Board of Examination) knows the importance of GI surgery and recognized and established the DNB examination for this disease of Medical Gastroenterology. In the DNB program, our well-trained doctors will fulfill the 3 main objectives of good Medical training, namely taking care of patients and teaching and research.

Medical Gastroenterology is the department at Prasidh hospital, Hyderabad. The main difference between Medical Gastroenterology and Surgical Gastroenterology is One does’ endoscopy, and the other does laparoscopy.


The main goal of Medical Gastroenterology is to provide training and programs to Medical Gastroenterology to produce a Medicine that will provide complete tertiary care to patients with complicated problems or diseases which is related to the gastrointestinal and the tract of humans organs. Gastrointestinal surgery is the treatment of the disease which the part of the human body related and is involved in digestion and stomach.

A gastroenterology Medicine understands etiology, and pathophysiology and diagnoses the examination of gastroenterology Medical problems based on the patient's history and the complete clinical examination. First, the Medicine of gastroenterology refers the patient to the laboratory for the investigation of endoscopic and radiological findings in a logical manner and finds a reasonable diagnosis of the problems of gastroenterology. Gastroenterology Medicines will advise the patient for an appropriate treatment based on above all lab tests.

At Prasidh hospital, the Medicine will be proficient in proper selection for the surgery of patients and also be proficient for monitoring and the management of critically ill patients with gastroenterology disease. Continuously Medicine updates the knowledge and skills and keeps the latest advanced treatment of the patients of gastroenterology. If the patient will find any examination and will not take care and treatment of this disease therefore some dangerous diseases can be caused in the body like Hernia, appendicitis, and colon cancer. other gastrointestinal cancer, gallbladder disease, etc.

The Medical procedure for this gastroenterology disease is called endoscopy which is used to screen and diagnose the digestive system and the problem of Gastroenterology surgery. The surgery on the gastrointestinal disease will be used to remove a tumor or diseased human body part or repair for the lifesaving of patients. To improve the quality of your life gastrointestinal surgery is the only treatment and benefits from other treatments.

There is one more minor surgery called Colonoscopy with the procedure of big benefits. Also, we deliver the nutrition in liquid form which will reach directly to the intestine via feeding by the tube. The nutrition procedures with the precision which perform the latest advanced Medical nutrition procedures. There is the potential for fewer complications and a quicker recovery in the minimally invasive techniques which is offered multiple advantages and the best planning for the procedure approach to Medical gastroenterology and also the invasive surgery approach that fits the unique needs of your life-saving procedures.

Gastroenterology Medicine will deliver the best possible results so that you can enjoy your life on your terms. MGE for the most part involves medical and endoscopic management of many things, such as GI tract and liver, pancreatic, and biliary disorders. SGE is involving lap surgeries, liver resections or transplants, HPB surgeries, GI-related electives, and emergency surgeries. Most hospitals have both units working as a team as is the requirement for most patients.

That said, a surgeon may be necessary for the care of a patient with gut disease. Suppose, if I was a gastroenterologist to treat a patient with Crohn’s disease but cannot get rid of a stricture in the small intestine, a surgical resection, which I cannot perform, may be necessary. So many surgeons search for extra training in the surgical management of diseases of the guts and intestines. The doctors,  who have special expertise in diseases of the colon and anus can be boarded in colorectal surgery if they have had appropriate training.

At Prasidh Hospital, some pediatric gastroenterologists have gotten subspecialty training after a pediatric residency. Pediatric gastroenterologists use the same tools as adult gastroenterologists, but their practice is focused on children.

Why Chose Us

In the Prasidh hospital, there is a world-class division of the gastroenterology department and the staffed by more than 60 gastrointestinal physicians and more than a hundred support staff who collaborate to treat the disease of gastroenterology disorders and also offer more than 20 clinical specialists who focused on specific disease of disorders. The division of gastroenterology and the outcomes of patient care are among the best in the industry. In the department of gastroenterology, the team of our Medicines, physicians, certified nurses, practitioners, dieticians, and other professionals work closely with the patients to ensure the best outcomes. There are some medical procedures more expensive at one facility compared to another with the difference in quality? but, here your pocket and cost matters for the outpatient find to shop the procedure at its price of your budget.


The Medicines of minimal surgery whenever possible conditions of gastroenterology and depends on the sacrifice of each patient. Here are some invasive gastroenterology Medical techniques like Endoscopy, Laparoscopy, and Robotic surgeries where the unique legacy of the innovation of the care of patients with scientific discovery. Also with our online secure portal, the patients can communicate with the Medicine directly through the treatment of their problems and access the test results which makes it easy for the patients along with the team of doctors.

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