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General surgery is also actually called a surgical specialty. General surgeons are doctors who have a specialty in surgical procedures. General surgeons of Prasidh Hospital, Hyderabad start their training in general surgery and after that, the general surgeons perform their duty to their patients for a wide range of ailments and are also after that responsible for patient’s care before, during, and after the surgery.

Surgery is the procedure that alters body tissues to diagnose or treat a medical condition. General Surgery is a Kind of surgery, which is having a central core of knowledge embracing anatomy, physiology, metabolism, immunology, nutrition, wound healing, shock and resuscitation, and intensive care, which are common to all surgical specialties.


At our hospital, a general surgeon is part of a surgical team that also includes an anesthesiologist, nurses, and surgical technicians. They have specialized knowledge of the whole surgical process, from the initial evaluation through preparation, procedure, and post-operative management.

General surgeons at Prasidh hospital are performed operate on the alimentary tract, abdomen, breast, and skin. and soft tissue of the human body. Also, we can say that our general surgeons are very experienced and trained with good knowledge of surgical critical care and surgical oncology and trauma. The general surgeons' performance and practicing the many types of surgery and the nature of their education makes it possible to perform their jobs in some way and choose to go on specialty and the others enjoy the variety of that makeup and the day of true general surgeons of an assortment of procedures of the general surgeries.

Prasidh hospital’s General surgeons are also expected to be certified surgeons who have full knowledge and skill to cure the disease and require on-based term and interdisciplinary care of patients. General surgeons also have flexibility in their work in many types of settings with a variety and different types of medical teams and patients. General surgeons are the most essential education of a broadly based surgery like Alimentary tract, abdomen head, and neck including trauma vascular and oncology disorders comprehensive management musculoskeletal, hand and head injuries.

General surgeries as it continues to reinvent to benefit the patient of general surgery. Today's high instrumentals and further advanced technology as major surgeries are now replaced with the minimally laparoscopic techniques of surgeries often reduce pain and cost without sacrificing good outcomes. General surgeons find the value of their patients considerably every year. General surgeons and surgeries are very often and specialized training in all disciplines of general surgery and medicines. General surgeons are very often to the standard of surgical care in our community and what we choose and most comfortable surgery with the general surgeons. General surgery and surgeons in diverse areas keep general surgeons essential in today's environments.

General surgeries continue high demand in public and among professionals. The general surgeons have promised to fulfill their promises and commitments. The general surgeons of obstetrics-gynecology, urology, and other surgery patients provide extra care to adjacent fields of the patients. General surgeons are always in high demand and aging people and populations for surgeons all over the world. The job market for general surgeons is very highly competitive in the major cities and the struggle is to attract the top surgeons. The general surgeons work very professionally and long hours are included in the night shift also sometimes.

General surgeons also deal with life and death situations sometimes often regularly, but the chances for these are unexpected and very small. The journey of general surgeons has become long and it will be testing and ultimately rewarding things you will do ever.

Why Chose Us

Why choose Prasidh hospital for General Surgery, because there are some reasons like this hospital to complete your residency and research opportunities and it will be available for you and valuable experience. The hospital worked in simulation labs and ethnically with diverse and socioeconomically populations of the general surgeons and residents were the surgical faculty and cutting edge technology leading and surrounded by the expertise and experienced general surgeons.

The general surgeons carry pre and post-op consultants with the patients' families because this is part of their jobs. Sometimes it is very difficult to manage the expectations and conversations of a large amount of emotional resilience to get the right stuff and the online personality test.

If you are feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed in that case, you don't worry just because there is a well-versed and qualified surgeon to do the hardest thing possible. General surgeons are very highly respected members of our society and they will get a large number of their services and rewards for their hard work and unexpected dedication.

A general surgeon at our hospital has specialized knowledge and experience related to the diagnosis, preoperative, operative, and postoperative management, including the management of complications, in 9 primary components of surgery, all of which are very important to the education of a broadly based surgeon:

1.            Alimentary tract

2.            Abdomen and its contents

3.            Breast, skin, and soft tissue

4.            Head and neck, including trauma, vascular, endocrine, congenital, and oncologic disorders—particularly tumors of the skin, salivary glands, thyroid, parathyroid, and the oral cavity

5.            Vascular system, excluding the intracranial vessels and heart

6.            Endocrine system, including thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and endocrine pancreas

7.            Surgical oncology, including coordinated multimodality management of the cancer patient by screening, surveillance, surgical adjunctive therapy, rehabilitation, and follow up

8.            Comprehensive management of trauma, including musculoskeletal, hand, and head injuries—the responsibility for all phases of care of the injured patient is an essential component of general surgery

9.            A complete care of critically ill patients with underlying surgical conditions, in the emergency room, intensive care unit, and trauma or burn units.

Our general surgeon has complete knowledge of –

1.            The body’s healthy structure and function

2.            How wounds heal

3.            How blood flows and clots

4.            How does the immune system function?

5.            Infections and antibiotics

6.            Because general surgeon treats a wide variety of people and conditions, they have to meet


A general surgeon at Prasidh hospital, Hyderabad has specialized knowledge of the entire surgical process, from the initial evaluation to preparation, procedure, and post-operative management.

The treatment in general surgery is central to the knowledge of the disciplines of anatomy, metabolism, pathology, nutrition, and intensive care which are the very most common surgical specialists of General Surgeons.

There are many surgeries, which fall under minimally invasive surgery like laparoscopy, endoscopy, bronchoscopy, etc., and in addition to traditional surgery can we use alternative techniques and depend on a diagnosis like laser and electro surgeries.

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