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Endocrinology is a disease consisting of several glands found in different parts of the body. The significance of this disease in the human body is Diabetes, thyroid, and androgen. This is the branch of biology and medicine which is dealing with the endocrine system called Endocrinology. Also, therefore, endocrine glands are the ductless glands where we can find the different types of functions and hormones which will have different functions and effects on different target organs. More than one hormone is affected only by one target organ. In the human body, there is a system of glands that are the most secret hormones. The original definition of endocrinology is a classified hormone chemical that must be produced by an organ and released directly into the blood of the human body.


 The study of hormones is called Endocrinology. Hormones are necessary for our day-to-day life for survival. Hormones control body temperature, sleep, mood, stress, growth, and more.

A doctor who treats diseases related to problems with hormones is called an endocrinologist. A hormone is also called a chemical messenger which travels from one cell to another. Hormones are released in 1 part of the body, travel in the bloodstream, and then affect other parts of the body. This process helps different parts of the human body to communicate with each other. Hormones are secreted by endocrine glands like the pituitary, thyroid, or adrenal glands. Not all glands are classified as endocrine glands; such as sweat glands or lymph glands are not endocrine glands.

There are whole sub-specialties that work particularly in specific areas where hormones work. For example:

•             Looking at hormones in children is called Paediatric endocrinology,

•             Looking at how the thyroid affects metabolism is called Thyroid endocrinology,

•             Where chemicals that mean the effects of hormones are present in the environment is called Endocrine-disrupting chemicals,

•             Comparative endocrinology, which looks at the way similar hormones work in different species for example from insects, through to fish, birds, mammals, etc

Why Chose Us

Prasidh hospital is one of the best hospitals in Hyderabad. It provides the best service. When you come to the hospital, our doctors pay attention to you and do your all work on priority. All the doctors are well qualified. There are many things, which make our hospital the best one.

Better Medicine – Prasidh hospital has better medicine than many other hospitals, and medicines are available 24*7.

Prasidh hospital has specially trained physicians in hormone diseases- Our clinic is run by board-certified endocrinologists who are endocrine specialists that have received accredited training in this field by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Specialists of Prasidh hospital spend time with patients - In many clinics, you may feel like you are being rushed in and out by nurses and doctors. Physicians of our hospital purposefully limit the number of patients that they see per day so that they can afford to spend enough time with each patient.

In Prasidh hospital only M.D.'s treat our patients- In many endocrine clinics, you may meet with an endocrinologist the first time, and then your care is subsequently managed by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. We feel strongly that if you have taken the time and effort to come to our clinic, then your care should be managed well only by an endocrinologist whom you will meet with every visit. You just have to reach us and our specialist doctors will take care of you.

Our doctors are attentive to the financial needs of our patients- Medical treatments these days can be time-consuming and expensive. We are very conscientious of this fact and work very hard Not to order unnecessary and costly tests or recommend unproven and expensive treatments until and unless it is required and we do not feel that they are likely to benefit our patients.

Prasidh hospital keeps up with the newest trends in endocrinology- Our physicians are active members of many highly-respected endocrine organizations and are involved in teaching at Baylor College of Medicine.


Doctors of Prasidh Hospital exactly assess endocrine disease using one or more tests. We always recommend appropriate tests based on your symptoms. Your care may include:

1.            Urine tests to rule out other problems, such as infections or kidney problems

2.            Imaging studies, including CT and MRI, to evaluate tumors or cancer and plan treatments

3.            Genetic testing to check for gene abnormalities that raise your risk for endocrine disease or affect your response to treatment

4.            Hormone testing to determine whether you have abnormally high or low levels of specific hormones


We provide a wide range of therapies, which includes the latest available treatments. Our appx decades of experience enable us to tailor treatments to your needs.


Hormone Therapy

You may take supplements to restore levels of certain hormones, which will be provided by our doctors. This treatment might be right for you if you have abnormally low hormone levels. This is the easiest and best therapy.


Doctors may prescribe medications to help your body stop producing certain hormones or produce them at a slower rate. Medications could also help you get relief from side effects of endocrine disease, including nausea and high blood pressure.


You may need a procedure if you suspect cancer or if other endocrine disease treatments are not successful. Our team is including doctors with all the advanced (fellowship) training who excel in performing precise surgical procedures. Our doctors are very well trained and will suggest you the best.

Our Doctors

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