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The emergency trauma care staff will help accident victims’ timely treatment and thus minimize the loss of life. All the technicians provide immediate care to the injured and efficient care in accidental cases. We are always ready and equipped to take care of you no matter what the emergency is. Emergency care in The Prasidh Hospital is enabled & staffed to provide comprehensive emergency medical services to patients suffering serious or traumatic injuries 24X7.

The emergency room is the room in a hospital where people who have severe injuries or sudden illnesses are taken for emergency treatment. The prasidh hospital’s vision is to provide integrated healthcare services and facilities to all sections of society.  In the medical industry, names are often used instead of one another without much explanation, Emergency conditions and trauma centers are no exception.

If someone met an accident, he has to rush to the emergency ward. Doctors available on duty, treat the patient on an urgent basis. At the time of admission after an accident, it is essential to know whether you should be taken to the emergency room or trauma care. Making the right choice can save people’s lives.

Emergency room

Emergency rooms are for people who need emergency treatment. This seems familiar, but the ER can handle anything to everything from sprained ankles to heart attacks and strokes. They have the facilities, and expert doctors to deal with almost anything that occurs suddenly.

Trauma Center

The trauma center is located usually in the emergency room. Usually, they are not discussed as a part of the emergency room. These centers treat extreme cases where immediate survival is a problem. Highly specialized doctors and surgeons in treating traumatic injuries work there. They use sophisticated equipment to increase the likelihood of survival in the patients.


We have many beds in our multi-specialty tertiary care hospital, where our expert medical professionals, skilled nurses, and technologists use all new facilities and provide quality healthcare services with distinctive care and accuracy.

Our main aim is to provide family-like care to the people who come here for treatment. We know the value of family, we care about the time you spend with your family. Thus, we provide you with timely treatments so that you get well quickly and spend quality time with your loved ones. We do not only provide you quality treatment, we provide you with hope.

Our emergency rooms are exclusively staffed with board-certified emergency physicians and emergency-trained and registered nurses. The facilities available in the rooms are very innovative, freestanding, and fully equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic technology. The Trauma Centre at Prasidh Hospital provides a comprehensive medical emergency service to patients suffering traumatic injuries.

Why Chose Us

We Prasidh Hospital, are committed to delivering precision in diagnosis with personalized and quality care. A few of our facilities are-

1.            Best Practices to Ensure Clinical Excellence

2.            Quality with Affordable Care

3.            Accurate Test Results

4.            Medical Assistance

5.            Team of Expert Doctors for Consultation

6.            Cutting-Edge Surgical and Medical Techniques

7.            Speciality & Super- Speciality Services


The Emergency & Trauma Care division at Prasidh Hospital constitutes a team of highly specialized physicians & surgeons. Critically ill patients due to sickness, or patients who are injured severely by life-threatening events & fatal poisoning, such as accidents are immediately taken under the care and resuscitated, stabilized & managed as per the international rules.

The department has many beds and the care area is completely technologically equipped to manage patients, who need instant treatment. The Trauma Centre in Prasidh Hospital is a Level 1, which means it provides the highest level of specialty expertise and meets strict standards. There are 2 Emergency operating rooms dedicated solely to trauma patients and have 24x7 availability of specialists in Trauma Surgery, Ortho Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Spine Surgery, Vascular Surgery, critical Surgical Care, Rehabilitation Medicine, and Emergency Medicine to adequately respond and care for the various types of trauma.


As part of the Emergency Trauma Care Network, there are several ALS (advanced life support) ambulances, many primary health centers will be established.

Our Doctors

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