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Critical care medicine is generally provided in hospitals called extreme care units or ICUs. Critical care medicine at Prasidh hospital, Hyderabad can be used for patients who have severe illnesses or injuries. Critical care is also called intensive care medicine and also there is a special team available for your help 24*7 in our hospital.



At Prasidh Hospital, Hyderabad critical care medicine manpower is also called an intensivist; is a specialist with specific expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of critically ill & patients who are injured, such as trauma patients with many or multiple organ failures.

A critical care medicine person is also well-versed in the technological procedures and also knows how to use the devices in intensive care, as well as issues such as life-threatening decisions, advance directives, estimating prognosis & counseling of patients and their families.

A critical care medicine doctor also coordinates with the patient and care of the primary physician. Critical care nurses and other specialists or manpower. This special team may also work with the intern students, social workers, and nursing students who are taking training in Critical care medicine.


Critical care medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of critical clinical problems.  Critical Care Medicine is also called intensive care unit which cares for severe illness patients with life-threatening diseases & organ failure, those patients who require life support systems and intensive care monitoring. It has two units namely, the Critical Care Unit and High Dependency unit having a total strength of around 36 and 40 beds in the unit. The Unit, with its trained & qualified manpower, works round the clock to provide high-end quality care to all critically life threatened and organ failure patients. The unit of critical care medicine is experienced Consultants, Nurses, Technicians & Physiotherapists, who are committed to and driven for good patient care.

The Department of Critical Care Medicine is also emphasizing Academia and constant growth of knowledge and development. The trained manpower provides regular training in Critical Care for Doctors & Nurses from various across the State of other centers. It was the 1st Hospital in Hyderabad to obtain accreditation for Fellowship in CCM (FNB) and it had a successful track record. Later, it was accredited with DNB Super Speciality in Critical Care Medicine, which is an ongoing course. The Department has also trained many Doctors and Nurses at Prasidh hospital through various other Critical Care Courses with a high success rate.


The amalgamation of personalized care and best clinical practices along with high-end state-of-the-art technology and advancement keeps the Unit at its best in terms of quality patient care and makes

 It is one of the best Critical Care Units in the region.

For critical care medicine with the subspecialty training program in Pulmonary and critical care medicine a three-year fellowship, is required the trainee is eligible for Pulmonary and critical care medicine certification.

There are different routes for the training in critical care medicine and also for other intensive medicine physicians.

There are some hospital's maintain different units of critical care medicine like (cardiac, trauma. surgical, neurological, paediatrics, etc) 

Why Chose Us

Prasidh Hospital is one of the finest and most significant hospitals in India. The main aim of this hospital is to give maximum care to their patients and staff unit and also to offer maximum health service and ensure the care of patients and cure the patient. Prasidh hospital also conducts and works for research for people. The essential services of this hospital are emergency and casualty services, OPD IPD services, and OT. One of the most important functions of this hospital is that multiple healthcare professional doctors are in one place. As well as when a patient goes to this hospital there are so many professional doctors to do routine checkups to ensure the maximum care of their patients.


There are maximum numbers of illnesses and injuries of the patients which can be led by the critical care medicine or intensive care unit like heart problems, high or low BP, lung problems, severe pneumonia or blood clots, severe brain injuries including strokes, severe trauma, and major surgeries. Critical care medicine or Intensive care medicine if different units of the hospital because this is the advanced feature equipment to provide special care to the patients. This equipment features advanced technology like - Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, IV tubes and breathing equipment, etc.

Critical care medicine team or manpower is to determine for patients what is the best treatment of their patients for care and cure and also assure that the team of doctors in the Critical care medicine in the hospital come directly to the care of the patient.

Our Doctors

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