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  • Laparoscopic surgery

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    Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery technique that is done in the abdomen and pelvic area in cases of disease. The name laparoscopic refers to the surgical procedure that is done using a laparoscope, which is a thin, telescopic rod with a tiny camera at the end. The main idea behind the use of laparoscopic surgery is to ensure that the surgery is done without causing much harm to the patient's body. Here, instead of a 6- to 12-iinch cut, the necessary section of the abdomen is treated through laparoscopic surgery. Through Laparoscopic surgery, the equipment only requires 2-4 small incisions of about half an inch. Thereby helping patients have scar less and painless treatment.

    This surgery is done under the supervision of the surgeon, who explores the abdomen and pelvic cavities by using one or two keyhole incisions. When compared to Laparotomy, Laparoscopic surgery is less painful. Here, before the surgery is done, the surgeon takes the tissue sample to examine and undergo a biopsy.

    The process of Laparoscopic surgery

    Laparoscopic surgery begins with the surgeons making small incisions using special tools. The main task is done by the surgeon, which is the removal of the appendix through the single incision that is made in the lower right area of the abdomen. This is done to remove the Appendicitis and clean the abdomen to prevent further infection. The major benefits of laparoscopic surgery are that it lowers the risk of complications, hospital-related infections and has a shorter recovery time. It is advised by the doctors that the patient must limit and refrain from any form of physical exercise for the first week. This ensures that the patient is ready for surgery without any issues. The patient must be careful not to participate in or indulge in physical activities for 10–14 days. This ensures that the patient is healthy and strong without any complications.

    The laparoscopic procedure comprises of a small incision on the belly button or the pelvic bone. Once this is done, the first incision is used to pump carbon dioxide gas into the abdomen. Narrow tubes, such as trocars, are used as small ports for surgical instruments. The Trocar is inserted by the surgeon, after which the gas tube is placed into the trocar and the abdomen is inflated. This helps in separating the abdominal wall from the organs and makes it easier to visualize the image of the abdomen on the video monitor. Once the cavity is inflated, the surgeon carefully removes the gas tube and places the laparoscopic trocar. By using Laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon can access the real-time video and operate on the patient accordingly.

    After inflating the cavity, the surgeon will remove the gas tube and place the laparoscope through the trocar. The laparoscope will project real-time video images of the surgical site to the video monitor. This will guide the placement of the other surgical instruments. Depending on the type of procedure, they may make one or several more keyhole incisions and place trocars in them. Laparoscopic surgery uses long, narrow instruments that are designed to fit through the trocars.

    For some operations, a surgical drain may be placed inside the cavity to draw out excess fluids, such as from inflammation. The fluids will drain through a small tube. For some conditions, the tube may need to remain in your body for some time after the operation to continue to drain fluids. Everything else will be sewn up after the operation. The gas will be let out of the body before the incisions are closed. The surgical team will ensure that your vital signs are stable before withdrawing the breathing tube and IV.

    Types of surgeries performed through Laparoscopic

    There are multiple surgeries that are performed laparoscopically. Most of the patients opt for Laparoscopic surgery due to its non-invasive nature and being less painful. Many common surgeries can be performed laparoscopically today. Whether you're a candidate for laparoscopic surgery will depend on how complicated your condition is. Some complicated conditions may require open surgery to be managed. However, laparoscopic surgery is becoming the preferred default method for a growing list of common operations due to its cost-saving benefits and improved patient outcomes. Here are some of the diseases for which Laparoscopic surgery is performed:

    Cyst, fibroid, stone, and polyp removals

    Small tumor removals.

    Endometriosis surgery

    Prostate removal

    Adrenal Gland removal

    Kidney removal


    Liver resection

    Advantages of laparoscopic surgery

    Less trauma to the abdominal wall.

    Less blood loss.

    Smaller scars.

    Reduced risk of wound infection.

    Shorter hospital stay.

    Less time in the hospital means less expense.

    Faster recovery time and return to activities.

    Less wound pain during healing.

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