how to increase the chances of normal delivery?

  • how to increase the chances of normal delivery?

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    Motherhood is a gift that every woman strives to experience, at least once in a lifetime. Yet, pregnancy is a challenging one on one end, and delivering the baby is another uphill task on the other. There is an ample amount of risk involved during the delivery for the mother and the baby as well. Hence, many would opt to have a cesarean or C-section (an operating procedure to deliver the baby through a cut made in the tummy and womb) to decrease the risk level. Therefore, there is an increase in C-sections all over India in about 2 decades.

    As per the National Family Health survey, the rate of C-sections has risen 6 times in over last twenty years especially in private hospitals, rather than in public hospitals. This rapid increase is not just limited to India, but also around the world. Turkey has about 50% of deliveries via c-section, whereas the US and Australia have about 32.5 and 32.1 percent, respectively.

    Having noticed the rapid escalations in C-section deliveries, the question to be discussed, “is the C-section delivery is devoid of all complications?” Well, the answer is NO! Here are some complications of a Caesarean delivery:

    1. Mortality rate of women is more during C-sections than during a normal delivery
    2. The risk of getting a fever or infections increases during a c-section
    3. Complications of anesthesia would be experienced by the delivering mother.
    4. During a normal delivery, the blood loss is half of the blood lost during the C-section and as a result, the mother feels weaker for a long time after C-section than in normal delivery
    5. The delivering mother would be more susceptible to blood clots in the veins.
    6. There is a high chance of having an ectopic pregnancy next time. Due to the rupture in the uterus, there is a rare chance that the uterus would be removed in the next pregnancy.

    Therefore, it is better to have a normal delivery for the best outcomes for the mother and the child. Here are General tips, Food tips, and Exercise tips for Normal delivery.

    General tips for a normal delivery:

    1. Avoiding stress, anxiety, and random thoughts is advisable because any negative or distressing thoughts can have an adverse impact during childbirth. Reading, meditating, listening to music, surrounded by the company of good, comfortable, and friendly people can calm you up and might have a positive impact during delivery.
    2. It is always better to avoid listening to unsuccessful or difficult birth stories. This will avoid anxiousness and panic attacks.
    3. Reading about the labor and delivery process gives you eminent knowledge which clarifies many self-doubts. If some doubt needs clarification, wait for the right time to ask the doctors.
    4. Having emotional support around you from your close ones such as your partner, family, and friends can boost your confidence and give no scope for fears about normal delivery.
    5. Choosing a doctor who can give you optimal support on your views for a normal delivery as per your needs during pregnancy and delivery can have an impact on delivery. You have the right to select a doctor who respects your wishes.
    6. Perineal massaging after the 7th month prepares the body for a normal delivery with less labor stress.
    7. It is important to be hydrated always during pregnancy. This gives you stamina and energy which decreases the chances of needing intravenous fluids. Hydrating with the help of fresh juices and healthy energy drinks to fulfill the daily quota of fluids can have a great positive impact on normal delivery.
    8. Keeping an eye on your postures and maintaining alignment can help the baby glide smoothly. Avoid standing, sitting, or sleeping in awkward positions for a long time to stay away from the misalignment of your body.
    9. Maintaining an optimal weight during pregnancy can help escape from certain problems during delivery such as difficulty in monitoring during labor.

    Food tips for normal delivery:

    1. A healthy mother gives a healthy baby. It is important to have the right diet such as a perfect combination of fruits, vegetables, and green leafy vegetables, legumes, dairy, lean meat, an optimum amount of starch & protein. It is important to have an iron-rich diet and reduce the intake of sugar and retinol-containing foods.
    2. Include bromelain-rich foods such as mango, and pineapple in your diet in prescribed quantities to have smooth labor by softening the cervix.
    3. Eating spicy foods maintain the body warmer and hence promotes normal delivery. But it isn’t advisable if you are too sensitive to spicy foods.


    Pregnancy Exercises for a normal delivery:

    1. It is better to be physically active to have a natural delivery. So, prescribed exercises are to be followed regularly and if you are starting a new exercise to increase the baby’s reach to an optimal birthing position and to increase the strength, it is better to take advice from your doctor.
    2. Practicing various kinds of breathing exercises can have a great impact on the natural delivery. Breathing from the stomach, chest, shallow breathing and alternate deep and shallow breathing can aid the purpose.
    3. Low-intensity walking for at least 30 minutes a day and swimming regularly can prevent muscle damage, and irregular heartbeat and increases the fitness to give natural birth.
    4. Regular exercises such as Kegel, pelvic tilts, butterfly pose, and squatting in a carefully tailored manner have to be exercised daily to maintain the alignment position and activeness during natural delivery.
    5. Prenatal yoga can be of great help to ease your delivery. Breathing in a correct pattern, perfecting some poses which relieve lower back tension, and practicing poses that open up and free the chest, shoulders, and hips can have a great impact on the natural delivery process.


    These are some tips when followed could definitely have an enormous positive impact on the natural delivery and also helps prevent the Caesarean section which could benefit the health of the mother and also the child.

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